We are a coven of 2 spiritual healers participating in ancient Egyptian white magic and Witchcraft Spells. We have dedicated Our self to bringing the ancient wisdom to the public, to help and heal the impossible.

When we introduce ourselves on the internet, many doubt our work and us. many compare us to other spell casters who are nothing but con artists. it is an everyday thing for spell casters to come on the internet, sell spells and then be gone or not even answer their phones again. Depending on the extent of the problem and the casting of a spells to help one with the issue is not like "a day at the park". Some spells that are cast by us are to help one get back lost lovers and remove the effects of black magic with God's grace. The work can take us 3-7 days to cast.

  • What is a coven?


A coven is a group of people who join together to practice the Craft.  They make a covenant to follow certain agreed-upon paths. 


Traditionally, a coven has thirteen members, but covens often function with any number of people, from two to whatever is comfortable. In my experience, smaller is better than larger. The energy raised by too many people can be difficult to harness and direct. A small group used to working together often is much more powerful than a large group which only meets occasionally.  Some covens work with equal numbers of male and female members; others may be more flexible. Still others consist of entirely one gender.

We are highly skilled healers who follow a long and rich cultural history of intuitive abilities. Our intuitive's possess proprietary esoteric knowledge and we have also studied and networked with many other intuitive's, psychics, healers, philosophers, and spiritual leader's from all around the Earth. 

We provide time tested proven techniques & rituals along with extremely acute and accurate intuitive skills. Whatever your cultural, spiritual, or ethnic background we look forward to meeting you and guiding your spirit!


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